"re:Cycled" - released 05/15/09

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1: another beautiful tragedy (morning light mix)6:30  
2: The Highest Cost (Recycled Remix)4:45  
3: Midnight Love Affair4:52  
4: Violator (Alter Der Ruine Remix)4:32  
5: Violator (James Stark Mix)4:37  
6: Vicious Cycles (Docile remix)4:38  
7: The Highest Cost (Fire Sale Remix by Dust is Noise)4:23  
8: The Highest Cost (Mr. Money Remix)6:05  
9: Violator (Bright White Remix)3:12  
10: In the Land of Broken Dreams3:45  
11: The Highest Cost (Monodized)4:04  
12: Sentimental Scar4:21  
13: The Highest Cost (DJ Moniker Remix)4:35  
14: Violator (Memento Mori Remix)6:25  

re:Cycled is Son of Rust's first full length remix album, featuring remixes by a wide array of talented artists and DJ's as well as original Son of Rust material and re-imaginings. Pre-order here and you'll get the tracks as soon as the mastering's done.

"Vicious Cycles" - released 08/31/07

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1: Welcome to Chaos3:19  (play sample)
2: The World You Live In3:57  (play sample)
3: The Highest Cost3:35  (play sample)(play song)
4: Violator4:04  (play sample)(play song)
5: Discordia4:19  (play sample)
6: Vicious Cycles4:18  (play sample)(play song)
7: Just Once3:58  (play sample)
8: Scream3:13  (play sample)
9: Falling Down3:48  (play sample)
10: Alien Taste4:54  (play sample)
11: To Be Free5:13  (play sample)
12: /*endGame[recursion]*/5:17  (play sample)

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Official Reviews:

Regen Magazinena
"The vocals are really on point, and the club fun factor permeates from the first note until the last."
Chain D.L.K.4.0/5
"This is a fine and consistantly good release for the Synth-/Alternative-Pop genre, thumbs up!"
"It pummels their debut with 12 beautifully lined tracks that finally provide us with a personal insight into [SoR's] world."
"Son of Rust are fine by me; I'm always a sucker for a toe-tapping gothic-rock platter, especially with tracks as catchy as..."
"...opens slowly and then shifts into overdrive, its synthetic rhythms charging like galloping horses."

Album description:
"Vicious Cycles", Son of Rust's sophomore effort, explores the idea of freedom. Is it surrendering to ones id or baser desires? Is it achievable by sheer will or faith? Can you give yourself to another and find yourself complete? Are you ever truly free if your life is defined by repetition?

"Vicious Cycles" Includes the up-tempo, hard hitting EBM dance floor thumpers "The World You Live In" and "Falling Down", as well as old school synth-pop stylings in "Violator", "Discordia" and "Alien Taste". Rounding out the mix are 80's industrial throw-back "Welcome to Chaos" and modern-era new wave revival "The Highest Cost".

Unlike many modern electronic albums, the 12-track "Vicious Cycles" contains very little filler. Work on this album began shortly after "Six Years" left off, so each track has had a chance to benefit from ample love and meticulous attention to detail. Add to that mastering by one of the industries most well known engineers, Mike Marsh of The Exchange UK (Depeche Mode, Mesh, Pet Shop Boys, etc), and you've got a sonic experience you can really sink your teeth into.

"Six Years of Gene Therapy" - released 05/02/05

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1: strange3:57  (play sample)(play song)
2: just like me3:33  (play sample)(play song)
3: never3:50  (play sample)
4: what you are3:33  (play sample)
5: devil inside me4:19  (play sample)
6: take me back4:22  (play sample)
7: silicon gene3:44  (play sample)
8: anything but typical5:19  (play sample)
9: bigger than god3:48  (play sample)
10: i can't be sane3:56  (play sample)
11: i hate the way i feel3:25  (play sample)
12: goodbye5:01  (play sample)
13: enjoy the silence (bonus)3:57  (play sample)

Scream, dance, reminisce and dream along with Son of Rust as we take you on an intimate, expansive and sometimes frightening electronic journey through a multitude of electronic and rock styles.

Six Years has been a work in progress since late 1999, and has been through multiple iterations. The final product is a culmination of that work, as each track has been remastered and re-performed specifically for this release.

Six Years features music, lyrics and vocals by Justin Coope and guitar and backup vocals by Ben Purdy. Additional vocals by Cameron Cartier. Mastered by DRT at www.drtmastering.com. Mixed and performed in 12:01 Studios, Portland OR.