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Son of Rust - Artist Information


Primary band members:
Justin Coope - lead vocals, lyrics, keyboards, programming
Ben Purdy - Guitar, backup vocals

Full Biography

Son of Rust is the brainchild of Justin Coope. At the age of 14 Justin fronted an electronic MOD makers group called "Trials in Musical Escape [TiME]" and released over 15 seperate pieces over "bulletin board systems", which was basically the early internet. After years of study under El De Barge producer Rick Callier at Multi Music Studios in Salem, Oregon, he went on to release his first studio album, "Vermillion: 12:01". After a single live performance, Justin went back into the studio and began re-inventing himself as Son of Rust.

Two years after "Vermillion", Son of Rust was born with two new band members, Ben Purdy and Micheal Pacheco. As a trio they performed several times in Portland, OR, and watched as the dark, moody electronic songs from their upcoming album "Six Years of Gene Therapy" album climbed the charts on MP3.COM, clocking thousands of plays a day.

After the first year they had reached over 10,000 fans on and had played shows with other legendary acts like Information Society, as well as sharing a stage in Germany with Iris and playing with many other popular darkwave/ebm acts such as Assemblage 23, VNV Nation, Seabound, Cesium 127, De/Vision, Alter Der Ruine and many others.

Their second full length album, "Vicious Cycles", mastered by industry staple Mike Marsh (Depeche Mode, Petshop Boys, Moby, etc), was released to broad acclaim by popular scene magazines such as Regen and Zillo, and continues to gather rave reviews from across the industry.

Son of Rust has been described as a modernized Depeche Mode, or a more accessible Nine Inch Nails. They count these bands among their major influences, as well as other ground breaking electronic rock groups such as New Order, Moby, and Radiohead.

Son of Rust has been a front-page feature on, and Regen Magazine.

Links - official website - myspace profile


re:Cycled - 2009
Vicious Cycles - 2007
Six Years of Gene Therapy - 2005