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Answers to questions usually asked by venues:

Band, Artist, or Act Name : Son of Rust
Hometown : Portland, OR
Phone Number : 503-504-5231
Email Address :
Web Page :
Myspace URL :
# of members : 2-4 depending on venue size

List five words that best describe your music:
Energetic, catchy, dark, intelligent, moody

List five Known artists your music sounds like:
She Wants Revenge, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, De/Vision, Mesh, Iris, early Evanescence, Linkin Park (without the rap)

Is there a specific date you are interested in playing? If so, when?
Weekends preferred, any and all dates considered.

Do you prefer a 21+ or all age’s crowd?

How many shows have you played?
We have played a wide range of festivals and venues with many well known acts. Please see the "calender" page above for a list of venues and shows we've played.

Where are some notable clubs you have played?
We've played with Iris in Hamburg, Germany, rocked the Black Sun festival in New Haven, CT (one of the largest electronic / industrial festivals in the US), shared a stage with Information Society at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland OR, opened for Cause & Effect at the Catwalk in Seattle... many others.

How do you promote for shows?
Flyers, messages to our 10,000+ fans on myspace, our email list.

Is there anything else we should know about you?
We bring along our dual-projector midi-controlled light show to liven up the performance, have access to pre-programmed dual Martin Mini-Macs (motorized spots), and use a hacked Guitar Hero 2 controller as a midi instrument on stage. :P